• Short-term use of Sildenafil in the treatment of unconsumated marriages

    International Journal of Impotence Research (2006) 18 52–54

    Authors: Hussein Ghanem, Adham Zaazaa, A El Guindi, A Salem, Ihab Kamel, Tarek Hassan Anis

    Abstract: The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of short-term sildenafil use in the management of unconsummated marriages diagnosed to be mainly psychogenic in origin. This retrospective study included 35 patients evaluated within an Andrology clinic. Patients underwent a complete medical and sexual history as well as a focused physical examination. Investigations were ordered as necessary following a goal-directed approach. Education about the male and female genital anatomy and the sexual response cycle was carried out, as well as a detailed explanation about the concepts of performance anxiety, vaginismus and the mode of action of sildenafil. Sildenafil on demand therapy was initiated for 1 month and the duration extended as needed. Of 35 patients included in our study, 32 (91%) were able to achieve vaginal intromission and perform sexually. In all, 23 patients needed the sildenafil (66%) for less than 1 month, five (14%) for up to 3 months and four (11%) for more than 3 months. Three patients (9%) were unsuccessful. Treatment failures were managed by intracavernous injection therapy, combined with psychosexual therapy, depending on the cause. We conclude sildenafil use is effective as a short-term treatment option in the management of unconsummated marriages.


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