• Peyronie's disease: a silent Symptom of diabetes mellitus

    Peyronie's disease: a silent Symptom of diabetes mellitus

    Presenting Symptoms
    The most common presenting symptom was penile curvature (81.4%)
    Dangers of PD in DM patients ...
    The majority of diabetic patients with PD (56.0%) presented in the chronic phase
    Consequences of not
    directly inquiring about the sexual health of your DM patients ... 
    Undiagnosed PD
    Worsening ED

    Low self esteem
    Marital conflicts
    Cardiac Risk

    Difficult to control DM due to concomitant Hypogonadism
    Asian J Androl. 2006 Jan;8(1):75-9.Tefekli A1, Kandirali E, Erol B, Tunc M, Kadioglu A.
    Prevalence of DM & PD
    The prevalence of PD among men with DM and sexual dysfunction : 10.7%
    Always ask your patient directly about his erections
    Weak erections? Painful erections? Curved erections? 

    The mean age of DM patients with PD was (55.9+/-8.9) years
    In the no risk factor group it was (48.5+/-9.0) years 
    The median duration of DM was 5 years
    They were more likely to have a severe penile deformity (>60 degrees)
    Palpable nodule on the shaft of the penis (22.5%)
    Penile pain with erection (14.7%)
    A total of (19.6%) of patients were not aware of their penile deformities.
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